alfredo muro

“The music of Alfredo Muro elevates the guitar to a higher plane…it is richly eloquent.”
~Jose Feliciano


Alfredo Muro plays a Steve Connor guitar and is a Knobloch Strings artist.

Connor Guitars are among the finest classical guitars available for the professional performer.

Alfredo Muro is an international concert guitarist, interpreter, composer, arranger, and improviser. He has been described as a Latin guitar virtuoso, but his musical styles and tastes are far more versatile, ranging from standing classical repertoire to jazz. His forte is South American music in its many guises: folk, jazz, Brazilian, classical.


Whatever the style, it’s the emotional content of his music that carries the day.

concert moments

“Alfredo Muro proves there are no frontiers between classical and pop music. He glides in a very elegant way, with good taste, technique and sensibility.”
~Carlos Lyra