Alfredo Muro shares the joy of his musical talent while performing, composing, teaching at international guitar festivals, concerts, lectures or coaching/teaching at his Guitar Studio. These three passions provide the basis for the phenomenal success of this musician and his ongoing and constant evolution.

Alfredo Muro is hailed as an extremely versatile and sensitive guitar virtuoso and ambassador of music from South America.

For the year 2024, wonderful projects are planned on the artistic agenda, such as the release of his new CD album called “Tango vs Samba: de Jobim a Piazzolla”- “From Jobim to Piazzolla”. The recording will take place in Granada-Spain  and as a composer and arranger he will be presenting new and original works of his own creativity.

Also, he will also premier a Brazilian Suite composed and  dedicated to him by the Brazilian Maestro and Jose Barrense-Dias.

He will be on the road presenting two concert tours in the US as well as concerts in Spain as a soloist and also with the magnificent Duo Apaixonado with the great Canadian cellist Valdine Ritchie-Mishkin. As a feature soloist artist with Chamber String orchestras in Granada, Spain.

2023 was a very special year for Alfredo with the release of two CD’s Albums. The first one is a CD called “Chabuca Intima”, a project that thrilled him deeply. It was  dedicated to unpublished works by the great Peruvian composer and poet Chabuca Granda.The “Chabuca Intima” CD featured 11 composers and more than 45 musicians participated in the recording where he had the great honor of participating as co-author and arranger with the aforementioned composer.

The second one project was the release of the CD “The Spirit of Christmas” with the record label Octave Records from Colorado-US.

Alfredo Muro’s concerts unfold for audiences as a personal and unique experience of emotional and spiritual awakening, bringing much more than just strong technical talent to the stage. He brings an intense love for the music he chooses and performs with such great sensitivity and emotion. He has the rare ability to become the music, losing himself in it and enabling the audience to transcend their own experience and share his. While this is evident on his many recordings, it is in live performance where this manifests most strongly.

From intimate recitals to packed concert halls and each time the music rises from where he sits and extends his embrace to those in attendance. It bows to our inner dancer, extends its hand and draws us under its spell. Sometime later the audience awakens to their own thundering applause, wondering how their hearts can be so full and the smiles so wide. This is how it’s supposed to be.

Alfredo Muro is an artist sponsored by Paco Santiago Marin Guitars from Granada-Spain and CrossRock Cases from China. 
Stay tuned for these great projects!


Alfredo Muro, Peruvian interpreter, composer, arranger and improviser began his guitar studies teaching himself to play his beloved instrument and he progressed rapidly. He was soon awarded a scholarship to train with Maestro Pepe Torres.

In 1971, he along with his sister Connie Bieberach won the year-long TV program, Trampoline to Fame. At age thirteen, Alfredo took the top prize in a nationally televised competition, featuring musicians from more than one hundred schools.

He continued his studies with two of the greatest Peruvian guitar masters know, Octavio Ticona and Carlos Hayre, gaining mastery of harmony and the rich variety of Peruvian folklore. These experiences were complement by four years of intense studies with great masters Manuel Lopez Ramos, Frank Costa, John Doan and Alfredo Escande. Also, studies Harmony and Counterpoint with the distinguish Mexican Maestro Jose Suarez.

Alfredo Muro had the honor of representing Peru and the USA in several International Guitar Festivals in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Dominican Republic as well as Mexico, Spain, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, Japan, Mauritius Island and four tours to Taiwan.

While on tour in Europe, Alfredo Muro played with his group Oro Del Peru for the late Pope John Paul the Second at a “Special Audience” at the Vatican.

Alfredo Muro has presented concerts in many venues throughout the United States. He had the privilege to be the featured artist at the Kennedy Center for the Millennium Concert Series in Washington D.C, at Benaroya Hall in Seattle and at The Smithsonian Museum. Also, he has had the privilege of performing in the Hall of the Americas for the Organization of American States. His arrangements, transcriptions, and articles have been published by the Peruvian music magazine Cuadernos de Musica Peruana, in its Edition #13.

In March of 2005, Alfredo Muro was selected for the Jack Rosenberg Memorial, Musician of the Month Award, by the Jazz Society of Oregon in their Jazzscene magazine. The Centinela Newspaper in Portland, Oregon, featured Mr. Muro as the “Hispanic of the Month”. The Hispanic Yellow Pages Directory introduced him as the “Pride of the Hispanic Community”.

In July 2017 he was nominated for the Añomi Advertising Agency and the Latin American Association of Writers and Artists, receiving the Eureka trophy for Quality and Artistic Excellence, for his artistic career as well as receiving a Diploma of Honour in Humanistic Ethics.

In May 2018, he participated in the renowned Encuentro Internacional de Guitarras de Salamanca-Mexico as well as playing for the very first time in Japan.

In November of 2018 he was invited to play the Suite Indiana concert with the Orquesta Sinfonica de la Universidad de Guanajuato OSUG.

The year 2022, was a very exciting year with many projects, including several tours in the United States of America: Washington, Colorado and Oregon, participating in the renowned Caroso Guitar Festival in Rome-Italy.

While performing in Peru in August 2019, he was selected to receive the Eureka Award in recognition of his contributions as an artist by the Asociacion Latinoamericana de Escritores y Artistas y la Agencia de Publicidad Añomi.

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